Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 International Coastal Cleanup

As native Floridians, water is important to us.

We're either drinking it, playing in it or bathing with it. It's pretty essential, huh?

The month of September brings with it the International Coastal Cleanup. Half a million people will take to their local waterways--whether it's lakes, rivers, or oceans--and pick up trash that disrupts marine life, harms swimmers and pollutes the water.

Our family has participated in the Cleanup for several years here in Florida.  I remember wearing big rubber gloves and digging in the sand to clean our local beach.

One year, my dad and I even hopped in the canoe and paddled around the lake near our house to clean the shoreline.

There's something special about spending time with family outside while doing a good deed. 

On September 21, volunteers will once again take to the water to pick up all sorts of trash (cigarette butts, plastic bottles, etc.) to make it safer for marine animals, as well as beachgoers.

We have several apartments near the beach, so we'll be encouraging our tenants to get involved!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Temporary Housing and Pets

We've always had fur-children in our lives.

Esther has a Chihuahua-Pit Bull mix named Picasso and Sheila has a beautiful Maine Coon cat named Aslan.

You see these creatures every day.  You feed and water them, bathe them, cuddle with them. They're there to cheer you up when you've had a crummy day at work or when you simply want someone to watch TV with.

Pets are the bomb. And we understand that. That's why we welcome fur-family members--from cats and dogs to ferrets and birds--in our apartments.

And to make your pets feel welcome, we provide food/water bowls and toys.

We'd love to help you.
North Star Corporate Housing 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Relocating? Know your area: Local Attractions

Our final segment of the "Know your area" series deals with local attractions.  There may be several places worth checking out around you.
To help give concrete examples, we're going to use Orlando, FL, as our model.

Orlando is one of those cities that has infinite things to see and do.  Besides the obvious Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks, there are a ton of other things the city has to offer.


Blue Man Group:  A group that experiments with music and comedy to entertain audiences.  Unlike anything you've seen before!

Lakeridge Winery:  I bet you didn't think Florida had wine.  Lakeridge Winery produces reds, whites, dessert wines and sparkling wines.

The Orlando Ballet:  The Orlando Ballet offers performances every month, ranging from Snow White to the Christmas-time show The Nutcracker.

Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge:  If golf is your cup of tea, then Orlando will not disappoint.  With more golf course than you can count, golfers migrate to this area to get their swing on.  The Bay Hill Club & Lodge has hosted the PGA Tour since 1979, which alone makes this course worth visiting.

Kennedy Space Center:  Less than an hour from Orlando, Kennedy Space Center offers tours and tickets to rocket launches.  Also great for kids!