Monday, October 14, 2013

No more rugs.

Yesterday was cleaning day in our house.  My chores included washing dishes, cleaning bicycles, and beating rugs.

The first two were easy.  Just soap up and scrub.

The last one left me dirty and out of breath. 

Thank you, Ged, for sneakily taking this picture of me. 

You see, we have a few rugs in our house. Our place is mostly stone floor, which can get very cold, especially in winter. Rugs add warmth and a certain softness that stone floors just don't have (for obvious reasons).

I didn't mind the rugs until I took them outside yesterday to give them a good beating with our broom and saw just how much filth they had collected over a couple of months.  They're like sponges for dirt and any other crud you bring into your house!

What I managed to extract from our rugs was, well, gross.  Clumps of my hair, pebbles that our shoes had brought in, pieces of food, and lots and lots of dust.

From that point on, I declared no more rugs in our house. 

They are safely tucked away behind our couch (we have a small place).   I'd much rather sweep and mop a stone floor and deal with cold feet than clean those rugs.  

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