Monday, October 28, 2013

Things I Cannot Live Without When Traveling

I like to make things easier on myself.

No running around and feeling stressed or uncomfortable for no good reason.

That's why I have certain items I don't leave home without, especially when going on a trip.

1.  Camelbak 1 Liter water bottle This thing is indestructible and really convenient.  The bite valve is way better than the screw-on top.  So handy in airports and in the car when you either don't have access to water, or it costs a fortune to buy some.  Plus, reusable is almost always better than disposable in our books.

2.  Earplugs.  Because you never know when there will be a crying baby (that's not yours) next to you, or a street sweeper outside your door at 4 a.m.  I like these silicone ones because they stay put.  They're not for everyone, though.  If you're apprehensive about sticking gooey things in your ears, then avoid these.  If you're trying to get some peace and quiet, these are for you.  Another alternative is wax earplugs.  They're pretty good.  Just make sure you don't push them in too far.  There is such a thing as "past the point of no return" with earplugs...

3.  Smartwool Socks.  Pricey?  Yes.  Worth it?  Totally.  I love my Smartwools.  I have several pairs for several occasions:  everyday use, running, cycling, hiking.  The reasons they're so fantastic:  they're soft, they're cushioned, they dry quickly, they keep your tootsies warm, and they LAST.  Plus, who doesn't like quirky striped socks?  :)

4.  Nice sunglasses.   This is assuming that you don't lose your sunglasses as often as you lose hair ties or loose change (I'm looking at you, Dad).  Quality sunglasses will protect your precious eyeballs when it's sunny, when you're hungover, or when staring at an eclipse (ok, maybe not that last one). 

Once again, these are expensive, but worth it.  I prefer polarized brown lenses.  Makes colors really pop and you can see for milezzzz.  Also, glass lenses are far superior in clarity AND way more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses.  Take my word for it. 
5.  Good snacks.  You never know when you'll be stuck out in the dessert when your tank runs out of gas, or, you know, when you just want a small bite when traveling in civilization.  We love a good LARABAR or a ripe Fairtrade banana.

You tell us:  What things do you need when you travel?

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