Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Giving Season

Someone, somewhere, can always use your help. 

Remember that saying about your trash being someone else's treasure?  Well, it's true, mostly (you can keep your broken printer and your 1980's VCR...).

We believe in helping others in any way we can, which is why we donate all of our used housewares to a non-profit soup kitchen in Melbourne Beach, FL. 

The Daily Bread Inc. is a not-for-profit soup kitchen that feeds, on average, 250 people a day during their lunchtime meal service.  Impressive?  They don't just stop there.

The Daily Bread also provides the needy with hot showers, basic toiletries, a mail stop and clothing.  Additionally, partnering organizations come here to provide such services as HIV/AIDS testing, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, health care, food stamps assistance and help with Veteran's issues.  

So much good is coming from this one place.
This isn't the first time North Star Corporate Housing has made a donation to the Daily Bread, and it certainly won't be the last. 

The seemingly smallest and unimpressive things may seem valuable and cherished by others.  Dishes, bed sheets, old silverware.  It can all be used again.  Given a new life.  A second chance.

As we enter this sure-to-be-amazing holiday season, we ask that you please keep the less fortunate in mind and do as much (even if it is just a little) as you can to help, whether that's making a donation or simply volunteering some of your time.

North Star Corporate Housing

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